Is it already the 3rd week of January?

I can't believe how fast time is flying! The past few weeks have been a crazy blur of events.

First, this is probably way late, but thanks to everyone who came to support us and the other bands at our last show at Barlow. We had a great time playing with the other bands and to such a full house! Note: The fried chicken there was also amazing and I'd go back again just for that.

It was dark, but I did manage to take this semi-visible picture of Ryan Stively and his band playing. As always, he put on a great show and the band sounded so good together--even with his bass player using a credit card in replacement of a lost pick!


I've been busy working on new music so I am not sure when our next show will be, but we'll keep you posted for any shows that trickle through during this time. We LOVE playing for you all so hopefully there won't be too much of a lull. 

Lastly, I can finally say I have been "personally styled." It wasn't planned, by the way, but I had a great time re-doing my closet with my friend Pua Lemelle I had to write about it. First, I should note, I do not enjoy shopping. I blame it on my indecisiveness. I get so overwhelmed by all of the choices out there, I usually just give up.


Pua is a personal stylist and shopper who I've known for years now from Hawaii. She was in town for a few days on her way to New York and agreed to do all my shopping for a day at a reasonable price. I wanted a fresh look for my own personal style and also for Montclaire. It's a new year and new music is on the way, and Pua was just the gal to help me out. All I had to do was try on the clothes. A few hours of thrifting later and I walked away with bags of clothes and accessories for a fraction of its original cost.

Best part, and the reason why I HAD to write about it, was that she made it fun. I've decided she's going to be my personal shopper forever.