Spring Cleaning

Okay, so maybe it's not yet "Spring"--especially here in PDX--where it seems like just when I thought there would be a reprieve from the rain with a couple days of clear skies, the sun has again managed to find another plot of land to hover over. Thus, we're back to freezing rain and chilly temperatures. 

Since the months of home-dwelling are starting to drive me beyond the point of cabin fever and more into a four-wall-flu, I started my own version of "Spring cleaning." However, instead of tangible goods, I gathered all my digital recorders and tape recorders and started going through, cleaning out some old songs to make room for the new ones.

In doing so, I found this little gem below--the initial recording on my tiny handheld recorder of "The Shift." *Note: This is rough--and I mean rough--but I thought it might show how a song like "The Shift" started-out before it became what it is today. Still one of my faves off the EP.

Most of my lyrics I make-up in the moment so they usually have no meaning. I make-up my own words, or sometimes sounds to distinguish the melody. I also often pull in melodies from other songs to see how they fit and to make sure I'm not copying a song that already exists. Anyway, I thought it was a pretty interesting way to share a little of the process. We often hear where things end, but not where they begin.

And...what was that? You wanted to know where you can buy the EP? Well, look no further! Here you go! <-- See what I did there?