Aloha, from Hawaii

I can't believe it's almost the end of February already. This year is flying by. It's been nothing but business in these parts. I've been wrapping-up some collaboration work with other artists and am getting some solo time to continue writing. One that was just released is The Drowning Dreamers Band debut album. Led by lead singer/songwriter G. Liu, Jr., the album is a collection of focused, and thoughtful tracks by one of my dearest friends. I am also partial to it, because it was the first band I ever joined years ago. I'm happy to have been a part of the album, with contributions I recorded back in Portland.

I'm currently back in Hawaii this week visiting family and friends. It's been such a nice break! Still managed to get some music time in with a little cameo performance with the Drowning Dreamers on a song called "Pattern." As well as recording some vocals with my friend Scott for an upcoming project of his. All good things.

Officially headed to Ireland and London in April/May. Looking forward to playing some tunes there. More to come.

Hope you all are well and happy and warm.



Sitting-in with The Drowning Dreamers Band. Photo by: Casey Ishitani