2nd Annual Mele with Katie Herzig

The 2nd Annual Mele Songwriting Workshop kicked off on Friday, June 25. Unfortunately, I missed the first day of the workshop but was ready for a full day of music yesterday, June 26. I had two discussions to lead about being an “Independent Songwriter.” Luckily I was paired with Katie Herzig, an “indie” pro from Nashville. Everyone in the discussions were wonderful and I was happy to share my story of being an indie artist from Hawaii. I hope I was able to contribute a few kernels of knowledge.

Later that day, I drove to the Hawaii State Art Museum for the songwriter rounds. I have to admit, I was a little nervous because I’ve been nursing a horrible allergy and sore throat this week. I was afraid my voice wouldn’t hold up. But it did okay!

The opportunity to be share my music alongside these songwriter greats was such an honor. I got to play with Bob Di Piero (he’s written songs for Reba McIntyre, etc. etc. etc.) and Manu Boyd (Kumu and member of Hookena; who I grew up listening to). It was a great night of sharing music, stories and laughter. Thanks to Eric Lagrimas and Keala Chock who invited me to be a part of the event and who made me feel at home. Thanks to everyone who attended and who presented. I learned from each and every one of you.