SXSW Recap

Thanks to everyone who showed-up to the Austin shows at SXSW. I played 6 gigs in 3 days and had such a fun time! I think I did just about everything I wanted to: play some shows, see my favorite bands live, make new friends and eat good Tex-Mex food. Goodness did I eat some good food!

The Hawaii bands that went were wonderful musicians and friends. Thanks to Kona, Pimpbot, Tavana, Anuhea and The Green. It was a pleasure to share the adventure with all of you.

I’m still gathering all the pics I can from the trip and will post it to my Facebook page once I gather them all. Will put a link up once I get it sorted out. I can’t wait to head back to Austin sometime soon!

Coming up: Honolulu Twestival this Thursday, March 25 @ Oceans 808.

(Special thanks to Ana Monique for taking pics on the trip. Ryan Miyashiro for coming along as my sidekick. Gary Chun for hanging out and also for being so patient and waiting for 4 hours while I stood in line for a guitar amp rental. Such good memories with you all.)