Alt-Hawaii release

Available today! So proud to be a part of this compilation project produced by Brandon Apeles and Shawn Livingston Moseley. Released by Mountain Apple Company, “Alternative HI” is an album showcasing a snapshot of some of the hottest bands in the Honolulu indie scene today. 18 original songs by 18 bands. Get your jammy jam on and check it out!

Shameless plug: It includes an acoustic track by yours truly called “Overrate Town.” New stuff!!!! Yay!!!

"Alternative Hawaii" to be released March 20

Very excited to be a part of this compilation of artists from Hawaii. I will have a new track on the album called “Overrated Town.” It is actually one of the first songs I ever wrote. The CD will be released on Mountain Apple Company March 20! In the meantime, check out the website!

Quick update

Well, it’s been a very relaxing 6-month break that I have taken but it’s a new year and exciting things are on the horizon! Stay tuned for the release of the Alternative-HI compilation, coming out in the next few months via Mountain Apple Records. I’ve got a new track on the compilation along with 16 other amazing bands.

Joining the Nate Ashley Band for a few shows this year. And…heading into the studio in a couple of weeks to work on a new recording project. <—stay tuned for that last one…it’s pretty exciting.

"You and I"

Got to see a solo show of Jeff Tweedy last night and he played this song. As soon as I heard it I thought “I totally forgot that I had a covers recording of it!” I may have posted about this awhile ago and never followed-up with the track. #badsabrina

Anyway, enjoy little practice session recording of Wilco’s “You and I” from early 2010 with my friend Mike Pooley (Pink Mist) on lead. We called ourselves “Her and He” just to be kooky. We’re no Tweedy and Feist, but damn we tried. ;)